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Q & A

  • Q1How much does a superannuation search cost? "Find my super will consolidate for a once only fee of $250.00 that will save you each year in ongoing fees. "
  • Q2How do I make an Enquiry? "You can see if you are entitled to lost superannuation by simply clicking on the Findmysuper button above and we will perform the superannuation search and consolidation service for you or lost funds. You need to sign the authority that will be produced after you register. This is required by the funds before a superannuation search can commence. "
  • Q3What is regarded as lost Super? "You may be regarded as a lost member of a super fund, approved deposit fund or eligible roll over fund if: Your fund has been unable to contact you because you have changed address and the fund has received return mail "not known at this address"; you are an inactive member because your previous employer no longer contributes or your account was transferred from another fund as a lost or inactive member and the new fund has not been advised of your new address.  "
  • Q4What happens to my super if I don't claim it? "All super funds can retain your superannuation beyond age 65. 
    You need to contact them and demand the payment if you meet a condition of release like retirement, disability or financial hardship. All super is now tax free after age 60. "
  • Q5When can I access my super? "By law, you generally get your super only when you:
    Permanently retire from the workforce and, also reach the minimum retirement age set by law, called your "preservation age"
    Please view the table below:
    Your date of birthMinimum age for getting your superannuation benefitsAfter June 196460July 1963 - June 196459July 1962 - June 196358July 1961 - June 196257July 1960 - June 196156Before July 196055"
  • Q6Are early access schemes legal? "In virtually all cases the answer is no. Avoid illegal schemes that try to get your super money out early, and save yourself from getting cheated and from heavy tax and legal penalties. These schemes are sometimes promoted by word of mouth or shady advertising.
  • Q7How is My Super Protected? "By law and in conjunction with the governing bodies of the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (ARPA), the Australian Investment and Securities Commission (ASIC) and the Australian Tax Office (ATO), super can only be transferred between complying superannuation funds. At no point in time does Find My Super have access to your super. We simply provide the service of helping you track down where your super is located."
  • Q8Does Find My Super consolidate my funds? "Find My Super does offer a non advice service to roll all your super accounts into a single fund. "
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