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27 Sep 2013 - The Tax man will collect your inactive super in October- Make sure you roll it over to a current fund.

Every six months all funds transfer their lost and inactive accounts to the Tax Office.

Particcularly important are members over the age of 65 who have not made a contribution in over two years.




16 Jul 2013 - What is the lowest cost Super fund? Go to

 A new comparison web site has been launched to help members compare the fees from all the major superannuation funds in Australia.




14 Jul 2013 - Find My super helps reduce the amount of lost super by 17%

As a result of initiatives to help Australians find and consolidate their superannuation the amount of lost super has reduced from $20.2 billion to $16.8 billion according to Treasury figures. These figures will fall even futher as a result of the consolidation service that Find My Super has been actively promoting.




14 Jul 2013 - ATO held monies increases by 18% to $886.9 million

As a result of the auto transfer of lost accounts under $200 the amount that the Australianaxation Office now holds has increased from $729.5 million to $886.9 million up until June 30, 2012.

The amount that the ATO will receive will triple because the transfer threshold has increased from $200 to $2,000. This amount will increase again to $3,000 from December 2016.



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