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Privacy Policy

FindMySuper is a division of Best Interest Advice AFSL 292925  (“FindMySuper”)

Privacy Policy

FindMySuper is bound by the National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

How does FindMySuper collect personal information?

FindMySuper may collect personal information in a range of ways, including by receiving and storing any information entered on its website, or otherwise provided to it in any way.  Personal information that may be collected by FindMySuper includes names, addresses, suggestions about the superannuation funds with which may hold "lost" superannuation, and any other information that FindMySuper considers appropriate in order for it to supply its services.

Purposes for which FindMySuper collects personal information

FindMySuper needs to collect personal information about its customers in order to supply its services to them.

Personal information collected by FindMySuper will be disclosed to third parties who hold information about “lost” superannuation, including the Australian Taxation Office and superannuation funds.

From time to time, FindMySuper may also disclose personal information to third parties for other purposes, including marketing and sales purposes of these third parties.  Such third parties may include financial institutions, financial service providers, credit agencies and data management houses.  In some circumstances, FindMySuper may receive payment from such third parties for the supply of such personal information.

From time to time, FindMySuper may use personal information for the performance of statistical analysis and other data assessment purposes.
FindMySuper may disclose personal information in circumstances where it is authorised or required to do so by law, and in circumstances where FindMySuper considers it is appropriate to do so in order to ensure laws are complied with, for example, to reduce the occurrence of fraud.

Finding out about the personal information held by FindMySuper

Individuals can obtain more information about the way FindMySuper manages the personal information it holds by contacting

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