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    Are you a lost or inactive superannuation account holder? Find your lost superaccount.  Find My Super can make lost superannuation alive. If you don’t claim, it may automatically transfer to government revenue. So make inactive superannuation account alive by joining us with following few steps. Make your superannuation account alive or register today to get a new account...
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    We are the first Service Provider in Australia, who assist you to find lost superannuation and inactive superannuation accounts since year 2000. Already more than 400,000 employees have registered with Find My Super. We have upgraded our services another step towards you. It’s a great opportunity. Hereafter Find My Super provides you a consolidate fund for your requirement and also rebate commissions on all financial products that you have to your nominated bank account or send you a cheque.
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    Do you like to know more about Find My Super services... Who we are? What we do? Download our Financial Service Guide Get started with us. Download “Lost Super Search Form” make your account alive..
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    If you are still in a confused about Find My Super service... Read the feedbacks towards Find My Super.  Customer feedbacks make us alive.
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    Are you still struggling to find what we do? Or do you have questions; which have no answers? Find My Super will help you to find answers...
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    Make your own superannuation account. It’s easy... findmysuper team will guide you thereafter...
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    Do you know the privacy policy about Australian superannuation? Read Find My Super policy and get to know about that.
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